Question for the Doctor Who fandom. If a Weeping Angel sees its reflection, does it turn to stone? My guess is yes because whatever takes the image of an angel becomes itself an angel. Thoughts?

So I hate shows that end their seasons on cliff hangers. I mean, I love them, but I hate them. Supernatural almost always ends on one, but a 4 month wait is okay. Now we come to my point. Being Human. Tonight’s episode was just balls. Why is werewolf blood making newly turned vamps all weird and deformed? Who was that woman who showed up as Aidan left? Why was Josh still all wolfy after sunrise? And will he eat Nora? These are the questions that I will have for 8+ months because it just CAN’T have a normal season. I love this show but I swear to God I hate it. Doctor Who has weird seasons but at least Moffat is nice enough to avoid cliffhanger finales.

Second favorite Angel is Gabriel. One reason: Japanese game show. Also he was IN a porno. That doesn’t hurt. Also he was Loki. ‘Nuff said.

So Castiel is my favorite supporting character in a show ever. Here’s why. First, he’s an angel who isn’t all frilly and shit. He’s a badass warrior of heaven. Second, to this day he’s still oblivious to what half the things the human race does mean. Third, he watched porno. Fourth, he used that porno as an instructional on how to make out with a demon. Fifth, HE MADE OUT WITH A DEMON! Sixth, ass-butt. Seventh, I’m pretty sure he fell in love with that demon (side note was anyone else sad that Meg died?) Eighth, pull my finger. Ninth, who else is badass enough to suck up the souls of all the monsters in purgatory and claim to be the new God? And last, but not least (seriously I could keep going all night with this), he has no idea how to end a conversation. He runs out of things to say and poof he’s gone. Then he just shows up again later out of nowhere. Cas is the perfect mix of badassery and comic relief.

Side-note: at least half of the problems Sam and Dean have per episode could be solved by Cas, but I guess if they did that the show would be over.

So I’ve decided the best team for the zombie apocalypse is as follows:

Sherlock Holmes: Brains
Sam Winchester: Braun
Dean Winchester: Weapons Expert
The Doctor: Engineer
Castiel: Medic

Yeah this would also serve as the ultimate army.

Wincest scares me. That is all.

What did my evil brain just think up?

So I’ve been rewatching some episodes of Doctor Who and I’ve thought of two possible explanations regarding Clara. The first Is that Clara could very well be CAL from the Tennant episodes Silence in the Library and Forest of the Damed, which seems to be a popular theory. My second theory is that Eleven never left the cloud, but rather fell into a catatonic state out of his extreme sorrow and imagined the impossibility that is Clara. It may be a bit far fetched, but I can imagine Moffat pulling something like this, especially after the whole Dream Lord bit. Damn you, Moffat! You evil, evil genius!

I just spent two days trying to remember my password. Turns out I knew it and just hasn’t actually tried that particular variant. Oh how serious can I be? As a side note if anyone is considering a new smartphone I cannot recommend the Samsung Galaxy S III enough. I absolutely LOVE this phone. You should also buy it from your friendly Target Mobile rep, preferably me :D

Commodore 64

So today I offer a post after a very long time of, well, not offering posts. I went onto craigslist the other day and decided “I’m bored let’s see what funny useless shit people are posting in the free section” (this is something I do every few days. Well I was scrolling along when I found a link that simply said “Commodore 64/128”. Now me, being the techno-buff that I am, started drooling immediately. So I called the number listed but got a machine. I left my message stating I was asking about the commodore and left my number. Then I reread the listing and it said “The games may still work. You’d have to try and see.” Well considering the lack of real detail (and the fact that it was listed as 64/128) I got to thinking “Shit this guy isn’t giving away a commodore he’s giving away games for one who would be crazy enough to give away one of these things?” So the night goes on and I don’t hear anything back and figure he’d already given them away.

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